Hydraulic Cylinder RSR-1012 Cap 10t Stroke 305mm Sun Run

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11 May 2024
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1 Unit

Hydraulic Jack Sun Run RSR is a double action jack or
cylinder designed for pull and push. The use of the Hydraulic Jack SUN RUN RSR
is to drive the engine by being pushed. The advantage of this double action
hydraulic jack cylinder has a safety valve that functions when the pressure
exceeds 700bar then spouts oil from the safety valve which aims to protect the
Hydraulic Jack cylinder.

Specifications :

RSR-1012 10 Ton Sun Run

Description :

Model : RSR-1012
Cylinder Capacity : 10ton (101kN)
Stroke : 305mm
Max. Cylinder Capacity (Push) : 101kN
Max. Cylinder Capacity (Pull) : 33kN
Cylinder Eff. Area (Push) : 14.5cm²
Cylinder Eff. Area (Pull) : 4.8cm²
Oil Capacity (Push) : 442cm³
Oil Capacity (Pull) : 147cm³
Coll. Ht. : 457mm
Ext. Ht. 762mm
Out. Diam. : 73mm
Cyl Bore Diam : 42.9mm
Plngr. Diam : 34.9mm
Base to Adv Port : 36mm
Top to Ret. Port : 57mm
Saddle Diam : 35mm
Saddle Protr. fr. Plngr. : 6mm
Plunger Internal Thread : 1"-8in
Plunger Thread Length : 25mm
Collar Thread : 2 / 1 4"-14in
Collar Thread Length : 26mm
Bolt Circle Diam. : - mm
Thread : - in
Thread Depth : - mm

Double-Acting Cylinders
- Double-acting design allows for both pull and push forces.
- Relief valves protect against over pressurizing.
- Collar threads, plunger threads and base mounting holes for easy fixturing. (See chart)
- Hard chrome plated plungger resists wear and corrosion.
- Stop ring for piston blow-out protection.
- Powder coat finish for increased corrosion resistance and antirust.
- Come with SQB-3/8UF female coupler & dust cap.
- RSR series cylinders are perfect for bridge lifting, building reconstruction, shipyard, utility and minnning equipment maintenance.
- As need power and prociso positioning of heavy loads, RSR series are the best solution.

More information

Contact : @08161304970
Web : ksj.co.id
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