Hydraulic Cylinder RSC-5013 50ton Stroke 337mm Sun Run

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04 May 2024
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RSC Hydraulic Cylinder Sun Run is one of the best products
from RSC. Made with a superior design, these cylinders have high strength to
provide reliable power. With solid construction and high-quality materials, RSC Hydraulic Cylinders Sun Run can provide the durability and flexibility required
for a wide range of enggineering applications. Its hydraulic system offers
excellent efficiency, and when used well, it can reduce maintenance costs. The
product is also equipped with advanced technology to provide precise and
sensitive control according to your needs.


Hydraulic Cylinder RSC-5013 50 Ton Sun Run


Model Number : RSC-5013 Sun Run
Cylinder Capacity : 50ton (498kN)
Stroke : 337mm
Cylinder Effective Area : 337cm²
Oil Capacity : 71.2cm³
Collapsed Height : 2399mm
Extended Height : 460mm
Outside Diam. : 797mm
Cylinder Bore Diam. : 127mm
Plunger Diam. : 95.2mm
Base to Adv. Port : 79.5mm
Saddle Diam. : 35mm
Saddle Protrusion from Plngr. : 71mm
Plunger Internal Thread : -
Plunger Thread Length : -
Collar Thread : 5"-12in
Collar Thread Length : 55mm
Bolt Circle : 95m
Thread : 1/2"-13UN in
Thread Depth : 19mm

Single-Acting, Spring return Collar thread Cylinders
- Equip with collar thread and base holes (on most model), for greater flexibility in mounting onto fixture.(see page 16 for details).
- Equip with inner plunger thread (5 ton to 30 ton) for greater flexibility in designing fixture.
- Bronze alloy bearing on plunger to minimize scoring due to off-centre load.
- Hard chrome plated plunger to resists wear and corrosion.
- Inner barrel wall are hard chrome plated to resists wear and corrosion in high humidity atmosphere.
- Equip with wiper seals to prevent ingress of dirt.
- Equip with stop-ring to prevent plunger blow-out and withstands full "Dead-End" load.
- Powder coated finish for greater corrosion protection.
- Equip with plastic cap to protect collar threads.
- Come with SQB-3/8UF female coupler & dust cap

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Contact : @08161304970
Web : ksj.co.id
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