Hydraulic Cylinder CSLP-1602 Cap 160ton Stroke 45mm Sun Run

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25 Nov 2023
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Specification of Hydraulic Cylinder CSLP-1602 Cap 160ton Stroke 45mm Sun Run

Sun Run CSLP S/A Hydraulic Cylinder is the perfect solution for hydraulic drive needs with strong thrust and maximum reliability. With sturdy design and top quality, this hydraulic cylinder is designed to provide optimal performance and high efficiency.

The main advantage of Sun Run CSLP S/A Hydraulic Cylinder is its ability to provide strong thrust with high efficiency. Equipped with the latest hydraulic technology, these cylinders provide fast and accurate response during use. This results in high energy efficiency and optimal performance in your hydraulic system.

Hydraulic Cylinder CSLP-1602 160 Ton Sun Run

Model Number : CSLP-1602 Sun Run

Cylinder Capacity : 160mm (1619kN)
Stroke : 45mm
Cylinder Effective Area : 231.3cm²
Oil Capacity : 1040cm³
Collapsed Height : 148mm
Extend Height : 193mm
Outside Diameter : 220mm
Cyl. Bore Diameter : 171.6mm
Plunger Diameter : Tr171x6mm
Base to Advance Port : 27mm
Saddle Diameter : 160mm
Saddle Protrusion from Plngr. : 9mm
Saddle Mac Tilt Ange : 5° 
Lock Nut Height : 40mm

Single-Acting, Low Height, Lock Nut Cylinder
- Low height design for use in confined space.
- Special coating on thread piston and lock ring to prevent anti-seize over long period of time.
- Safety lock ring for mechanical load support even with hydraulic pressure released.
- Equipped with tilt saddle to minimize off center-load. 
- Equipped with overflow port to prevent over stroke.
- Equipped with red indicate line to warn operator when cylinder reach full stroke.
- Load return type-for vertical lifting only.
- Powder coat finish for better corrosion resistance.
- All cylinders are equipped with SQB-3/8UF female coupler & dust cap.

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Web : ksj.co.id

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